Essential Oils! And My Shoe Rack (“,)

I’m no trained expert but I’ve made essential oil blends which soothes backaches amazingly (not cheap though – I used lavender from Mt. Blanc) and my friend who runs in marathons swears by that concoction after each race. I mean, it soothes her when she applies it to her aching muscles.

Here’s a video about a different blend. The purpose of the blend tickled my friend. It’s about the upper-class luxurious experience of my shoe rack. First, I wiped each pair of shoes with anti-bacterial wet wipes then, this! Click to view For Purification and Disinfection



Chocolate with 6 different types of alcohol

In Japan, there are on the product wrapping, the explanation of nutritious level, the ingredients used in a food product, and a clear explanation of the material used for the packaging. In this case, the wrapping round the chocolate is made of paper, the divider is made of plastic and the box itself is made of steel. This is to facilitate the throwing of the trash according to the material it’s made of.

The one with the wooden box is about 100¥ cheaper than the one that comes with the steel box.

Valentine’s Day!

Few people celebrate Valentine’s Day in Hiroshima with a romantic dinner like we do in Singapore. Even rarer to see a man with a bouquet of flowers. It’s the usual Friday on 14 February in most parts of Japan. However, Japanese do celebrate it: it’s the day for ladies to give colleagues, friends and the man of their life chocolates. Men do nothing. REALLY?!


My favourite out of the 5 is this ‘Tresor’. It contains roasted almond (produced in Spain). CCE

Chocolate Valentine’s Day 3

Does it smell of cedar? Does it smell of Cyprus? I’m quite confused by the packaging. I mean, the BOX of the chocolates I just bought has a woody fragrance! However, it doesn’t feel like wood in my hands! I ended the chocolate, I mean, the video abruptly at the end. Of course, it’s because I can’t wait to eat the rest of the chocolate!

Yamawa Japanese wine (山和酒) + high quality chocolate = never mind the money

Chocolate Valentine Day 1

Women are the ones splurging on the men on Valentine’s Day in Japan. It’s traditional and the norm for women to give chocolates to the special man or even their colleagues. I’ve decided to enjoy the chocolates MYSELF (* V *) since I’ve re-located to Japan.  The video will be upright once you click on it.

I’ve decided to do a series of chocolate introduction in Japan. This is the first day. Have fun watching !

May your tastebuds be filled with bitter-sweet memories of this amazing creation.


It was the bloated stomach, belching, indigestion that I had to suffer in incremental doses before I could land up in two-day-two-night gastric pains. Of course, it was deemed as gastritis by the hospital on day one. On day two, they saw that my pain didn’t Go down easily despite all the gastric medication, they decided to do an ultrasound scan. After more consultation I decided to have my gallbladder (1cm thick gallbladder wall, 3 times the normal thickness and the many gallbladder stones) removed.

Six weeks later, I was out of hospital recovering at home after a keyhole surgery. And today (2 weeks after surgery) I had my first spicy Thai cuisine, complete with the beautifully delicious Thai desserts. No bloating. No indigestion.

I just wanted to share good news here because it can be dreadful for people facing an operation to have only bad news about post-op experiences online. It was scary for me. Now, I’m just relieved that I am on the road of recovery.

Mango Pomelo
Fried meat dumpling with chestnut cake

Basil Chicken Rice (spicy)